Avoid Drugs & Surgery for Prostate Issues with Flaxseed

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"Millions of men face prostate issues, with treatment with drugs and surgery often making their problems worse. A new study reveals that simply eating flaxseed may be the best way to improve your symptoms, and take back control of your health."


It's Time To Retire Cholesterol Testing - There's No Such Thing As Bad Cholesterol

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'Today, it is estimated that 50 percent of the American population have cholesterol levels that fall outside the accepted healthy range, but who defines this range and under what testing protocols? Many medical professionals are starting to question the current standard of care when it comes to statin therapy, as these cholesterol-lowering medications may not benefit patient populations at all, and in fact may be harming them.'


Study: Is Canola Oil Consumption Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease?

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'Because of its lower cost, canola oil is ubiquitous in processed foods intended for the growing “health conscious” market. Now a recently published study is confirming the suspicions of those of us who refuse to use canola oil.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania’s Temple University conducted an animal study to determine the validity of canola oil’s health claims. Their results were published this month, December, 2017, in the journal Scientific Reports.

The study was titled “Effect of canola oil consumption on memory, synapse and neuropathology in the triple transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.” '


Psychedelic Renaissance Is Bringing An Era of Incredible Natural Medicine

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'Every few years, there is a surge in scientific interest followed by breathless proclamations of the long-awaited psychedelic renaissance. It is now entering a new stage, with a series of startling insights gracing the pages of leading journals and clinical trials making progress.

The story always follows the same arc: psychedelic therapy showed huge promise in the 1950s, was crushed by the establishment in the late 1960s and is now being revived by a group of fearless visionaries. In five years, 10 at the most, doctors will be routinely prescribing LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and other psychedelic drugs for a range of conditions.'


Study: Long Term High-fat Ketogenic Diet is Healthy and Safe

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'A recently concluded German study, published November 11, 2017 in the journal Clinical Nutrition shows no long-term negative effects for those following a high-fat, low-carb, moderate-protein ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic dieting has been used successfully to reverse Alzheimer’s and reduce epileptic seizures in children. Some have even used extreme ketogenic dieting for inducing remission from their cancers.

The ketogenic diet was developed in the 1920s at Johns Hopkins hospital to stop seizures in children who did not respond to anti-seizure drugs. The diet fell out of favor in recent years due to the negative press on saturated fats, and fears over the long-term consequences of eating large amounts of saturated fats.'


Is Laughter Good for Our Health?

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'In 1964, editor Norman Cousins was diagnosed with the degenerative disease ankylosing spondylitis, which was associated with constant pain and poor prognosis. Since Cousins believed that stress had contributed to his illness, he reasoned that positive emotions could improve it. 

He began watching funny television shows or movies, and asserted that 10 minutes of belly laughter resulted in 2 hours of pain free sleep that was not achievable with morphine. His subsequent recovery was chronicled in his popular book, Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient, which became a made-for-TV movie in 1984 that starred Ed Asner.'


Seven Fabulous Foods to Boost Brain Function and Prevent Memory Loss

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'And likely the most important factor that impacts whether you brain is functioning optimally, or declining and shrinking, is the food you choose to eat every day.

Do you or your loved ones find yourselves forgetting names of people you know? Where you put your keys, wallet, or glasses? Maybe not able to recall items on your to-do-list after a meeting? How about not able to remember where you parked your car? Even worse, do you have trouble concentrating when you read, so that you have to re-read a passage? If you or a family member have these symptoms, it’s concerning.' 


Duty to Warn: The Culprits at the CDC and FDA That Helped Create America’s Iatrogenic Over-vaccination Monster

CDC Fraud Corruption
Image from Health Impact News

NOTE: Iatrogenic describes injury or death caused by medical intervention. The author of this article is a retired MD.

Over the past several years I have spent many hours catching up on the voluminous research about vaccine dangers that my medical school professors never mentioned and that my continuing medical education lecturers never taught me later when I was in rural family practice. There was never any mention about adverse effects from vaccinations in the medical journals that I read.
Everything that I read misled me about the rapidly increasing vaccine injuries and deaths that paralleled the rapidly increasing incidence of autism spectrum disorders and the equally rapidly increasing incidence of childhood autoimmune disorders over the 40 years that I practiced medicine.

Pharma drug cartel just changed the definition of “high blood pressure” to trick HALF of U.S. adults into “treatment” with high-profit prescription drugs

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'The pharma drug cartel has become not just a total joke to medicine and science, but increasingly a threat to the health and safety of the American people. 

In the latest medical hoax to generate profit from the mass medication of nearly everyone, the American Heart Association — a quack medicine front group for the pharmaceutical industry — announced a new definition of “high blood pressure” that means half of U.S. adults suddenly have a “disease” requiring “treatment” with high-profit pharmaceuticals.'


Government Falsifies Warning on Kratom to Protect Opioids

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"In an animal study published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, researchers noted that, compared to morphine, kratom use did not result in tolerance and physical dependence or respiratory depression, suggesting it “might represent a promising new generation of novel pain relievers.”

In short, it appears the plant may be safer than opioids for pain relief and could even act as a tool to help those suffering from opioid withdrawal. In November 2017, however, the FDA issued a public health advisory regarding risks associated with kratom use, suggesting that its usage could “expand the opioid epidemic” and stating."


Government Advice on Nutrition has Destroyed Countless Lives the Past Few Decades, Since the War on Fat Started in the 1970s

blood pressure, sugar, butter, coconut oil on white background
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'There is probably no greater danger to public health today than the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and FDA’s advice and regulations regarding dietary fats.

Since the 1970s, and the infamous “McGovern Report” on nutrition which condemned saturated fats and blamed them for causing heart disease, the health of Americans has spiraled out of control, with epidemics in obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, which combined represent most causes of death today in the U.S.'

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Chemo FAIL: Toxic chemotherapy found to impair memory, concentration, and brain function while having little or no long-term effect on cancer

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'A study carried out by researchers at the Aarhus University has revealed that chemotherapy affects brain network and impairs cognitive function. As part of the study, a team of health experts enrolled a total of 64 men who underwent testicular cancer surgery. The researchers noted that 22 of these men had chemotherapy following their operation, while 42 patients had surgery alone.'


Your Brain on Music: How Your Favorite Songs May Regenerate Your Brain and Act as the Ultimate Adaptogen

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'Music, which may be the most ancient human language, has the potential to improve neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders by creating new brain cells and neural connectivity. Not only that, but music restores hormonal and immunological balance in a way mirroring adaptogenic herbs.'


Not The Amount, But Where Your Fat Is Stored Critical For Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes Risk

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'During the past 20 years researchers have learned that people with apple-shaped bodies (fattest in the abdomen) have a greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke than those with pear shapes (fattest in the hips, buttocks, and thighs). The current study looked at the differences in fat distribution patterns among overweight and obese men and women and their associated cardiometabolic risk.'


Study: Record Levels of Aluminum Found in Autistic Children Brain Tissue


Scientists have been aware of aluminum’s neurotoxicity for decades. Although aluminum’s apologists have tried to shroud the metal’s risks in manufactured controversy, a growing number of reports by researchers in the United KingdomFranceCanadaIsrael, the U.S. and elsewhere has furnished substantive evidence linking aluminum to neuropathology, including the epidemics of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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Heal Yourself Naturally Now ~ PaidaLajin (Part 1 and 2)

Researchers Discover How Antibiotic Power of Garlic Fights Chronic Infections

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'Garlic is probably nature's most potent food. It is one of the reasons people who eat the Mediterranean diet live such long healthy lives. An active sulphurous compound found in garlic can be used to fight robust bacteria in patients with chronic infections, a new study from the University of Copenhagen indicates.'


War on Drugs: Government Approves Patented Synthetic THC but Still Classifies Natural Cannabis as Dangerous and Illegal

Marijuana medical choice dilemma health care concept as a person standing in front of two paths with one offering pharmaceutical drugs and the other option with cannabis.
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'The pharmaceutical industry is pulling out the stops lobbying government officials and influencing those that are inclined toward prohibition, to protect not only their synthetic THC interests but also their vast exclusive pharmaceutical market.

Increased cannabis use is intruding on the pharmaceutical industry’s turf.

It has been implied and most of us could see it coming, but on November 22, 2017, it became official. The DEA placed synthetic THC, Dronabinol, the medicinally powerful compound that creates the high in marijuana, as a Schedule II controlled substance, yet whole plant cannabis remains as a Schedule I controlled substance.

This final ruling closed the door on public comments invited for the DEA’s initial interim ruling.'


7 Health Benefits of Bee Propolis

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"Bees make more than honey. They also make a waxy substance called propolis. And this "bee glue" is a powerful health balm. In fact, studies show it has anti-cancer properties.

Dr. Seema Patel of the Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Research Center, San Diego State University conducted a comprehensive review of the literature on propolis and cancer. Dr. Patel found laboratory and animal studies supporting propolis efficacy against cancers of the ..."


Cannabis Can End The Use of Prescription Pain Killers

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'Opioid prescriptions have jumped 300 percent in the last decade and they are the most commonly prescribed drugs on the market. They are the most dangerous and addictive drugs that often lose effectiveness with long-term use. 

Now a new study conducted by researchers at The University of New Mexico, involving medical cannabis and prescription opioid use among chronic pain patients, found a distinct connection between having the ability to use cannabis and significant reductions in opioid use.'


Why Thyroid Problems Are Directly Related to Your Liver & How Carrots Can Help

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'It’s simple: your liver’s job is to store glycogen so that when you don’t have a chance to eat lunch due to that afternoon meeting, you have some back-up reserves. Glycogen buys you time. But when your liver is overloaded or your eating habits are sporadic for too long, your ability to store glycogen is affected. 

Whereas skipping lunch used to be a piece of cake (no pun intended), you now experience low blood sugar during that gap. To make up for the lack of glucose, your body MUST excrete stress hormones to literally keep you alive and energetic.' 


Harvard Immunologist: Unvaccinated Children Pose ZERO Risk to Anyone and Here’s Why

Dr Tetyana Obukhanych
Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych

I have outlined below the recommended vaccines that cannot prevent transmission of disease either because they are not designed to prevent the transmission of infection (rather, they are intended to prevent disease symptoms), or because they are for non-communicable diseases.
People who have not received the vaccines mentioned below pose no higher threat to the general public than those who have, implying that discrimination against non-immunized children in a public school setting may not be warranted.
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How to Increase Your Sense of Gratitude

'Thanksgiving — celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday of November — is perhaps one of the most cherished of American holidays; it’s a time when family and friends gather over ample amounts of food and give thanks for the blessings in life, including each other. 

As explained by University of California psychology professor Robert Emmons, one of the leading scientific experts on gratitudeand author of several books on the topic, gratitude involves two key components:'


Chlorella: Super Food for Healing and Detox

Green chlorella. detox superfood. close - up
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'Chlorella is a super-food that offers many detoxification and health boosting qualities. It is single cell algae that can be produced in open pools of fresh water with lots of exposure to sunlight. Since each cell can only be seen through a microscope, it is categorized as a microalgae.

Researchers in the West have become increasingly aware of its extremely high nutrient density over the past 100 plus years.'


Frankincense and Cancer – What You Need to Know About This Essential Oil

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'As they made their iconic trek from the Far East to witness the invaluable gift of the newborn King, the three wise men from the biblical account of the birth of Jesus came bearing their own gifts. One of them, frankincense, possesses a value much more significant than just a fragrant incense. It demonstrates powerful anti-cancer effects that even in modern times legitimize this precious oil as being truly fit for a king.' 


Reishi Mushrooms Prevent Obesity in Mice

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'Reishi mushrooms have been used for hundreds of years to promote good health and long life. And, although this is the first-ever proof of Reishi mushrooms’ direct effects on body weight and fat distribution, there had been previous hints that these time-honored fungi could favorably influence fat and sugar metabolism.

Reishi extracts are rich in compounds called triterpenes and polysaccharides, which have been shown to inhibit full development of fat cells, and to lower blood sugar in diabetic animals. And other studies have shown that different compounds from Reishi can produce blood fat- and glucose-lowering effects, while providing free radical scavenging activity.'

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Lemon Rx: 12 Evidence-Based Reasons Why It is A Powerful Medicine

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'You know lemon, right? It is a tart, exciting, delicious and indispensable ingredient in recipes and beverages. But did you know that scientists have identified it is as a powerful medicine as well?

The most powerful healing substances on this planet are masquerading as foods, and this is all the more true for fruits. I've already written about The Amazing Healing Properties of 13 Common Fruits , including lemons, but it deserves its own mini-article for a number of reasons.'


Elderberry Extract: Nature’s “Tamiflu”

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'The most important weapon against influenza that you can add to your herbal arsenal is elderberry extract

Whether you are concerned with the seasonal flu or the potential of a deadly strain of influenza becoming pandemic, elderberry extract is a vital addition to your vault of flu remedies.

Unlike the highly touted flu shot, concentrated black elderberry extracts have actually been shown to be effective. It is one of the few natural remedies that has been written up in the medical journals. The studies I’m listing here are based on black elderberry extract (Sambucus nigra L) – name brand Sambucol.


Yerba Mate Enhances Cellular Energy and Metabolism

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'In South America, Yerba Mate has been grown and taken medicinally for centuries. Researchers have shown that use of the herb over an extended period had significant effects on body weight and weight gain and was associated with lower levels of blood lipids and insulin in obese mice fed a high-fat diet'


Black Seed Reverses Liver Disease

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'A new study on a widely revered herbal medicine has produced a potential breakthrough in treating a condition that is a warning sign of serious disease risks. This common health problem affects as many as 90 million Americans, most of whom don’t even know they are in danger.'


EPA Approves Lab Infected Killer Mosquitoes to be Released into the Environment

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'The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the use of laboratory infected mosquitoes carrying the bacterium Wolbachia pipientis to be released into the wild. The laboratory-raised mosquitoes are meant to be a way to infect Asian Tiger mosquitoes, which are believed to carry harmful infectious diseases.

The long term environmental consequences are unknown. Because mosquitoes are prey for birds and fish, the long-term effects on the greater ecosystem are unclear.'


Vitamin K2 — A Crucial Ingredient for Heart and Bone Health

'As mentioned, vitamin K2 also plays a crucial role in bone health,20 and may be critical for the prevention of osteoporosis (brittle bones). Osteocalcin is a protein produced by your osteoblasts (cells responsible for bone formation), and is utilized within the bone as an integral part of the bone-forming process. However, osteocalcin must be “carboxylated” before it can be effective. Vitamin K functions as a cofactor for the enzyme that catalyzes the carboxylation of osteocalcin.

If you do not have sufficient amounts of vitamin K2, you run the risk of both brittle bones and calcification in your soft tissues. In other words, vitamin K2 is necessary to keep your bones strong and your soft tissues pliable. A number of Japanese trials have shown that vitamin K2 completely reverses bone loss and in some cases even increases bone mass in people with osteoporosis.

'

Are You Getting Enough Phytonutrients? What the Latest Science Reveals

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'You might have heard of “phytonutrients” and how good they are for overall health. But what exactly are phytonutrients and why are they absolutely vital for preventing disease and maintaining vital health in this modern world?'


The Antiaging Potential of Mushrooms

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'In a study, researchers found that mushrooms have high amounts of the ergothioneine and glutathione, both important antioxidants, said Robert Beelman, professor emeritus of food science and director of the Penn State Center for Plant and Mushroom Products for Health. He added that the researchers also found that the amounts the two compounds varied greatly between mushroom species.

"What we found is that, without a doubt, mushrooms are highest dietary source of these two antioxidants taken together, and that some types are really packed with both of them," said Beelman.'


Game-changing Study: Epigenetic Memories are Passed Down 14 Successive Generations

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'The past of our ancestors lives on through us: Groundbreaking research illustrates how parental experience is not only epigenetically imprinted onto offspring, but onto an unprecedented number of future generations. Rather than occurring over the elongated time scale of millions of years, genetic change can transpire in real biological time through nanoparticles known as exosomes.'


Top 22 Foods to Add Years of Healthy Life

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"A foundational recommendation for healthy eating is simply to eat REAL food. To protect your health, I advise spending at least 90 percent of your food budget on whole foods, and only 10 percent, or less, on processed foods. This article will highlight 22 foods known for their potent health benefits.
As a quick aside, while food selection is foundational for health, it's important to realize that certain lifestyle choices have an equal if not greater impact. Four of the most important lifestyle strategies to protect your health are:


Shiitake Mushrooms: Anti-Cancer, Anti-Aging, and More

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"Shiitake mushroom (Lentinus edodes), once little-known outside of East Asia, is a frequent sight these days in the produce section of Western supermarkets. While prized for its texture and flavor, it is shiitake’s health benefits that render this fungus priceless."

Eating For Balance - Part 4: Mind-Body Tools for Conscious Eating

Photo Credit: Care2,com

Breathing Awareness Meditation

'The Breathing Awareness Meditation is an extremely effective technique for dealing with emotionally based-cravings and binges. Through awareness of your breath and regulating your breathing pattern, you can strongly influence your state of mind. When you feel the craving for a particular food, try this guided meditation. Afterwards you may find that your craving has dissipated.'


Medical Promotion of Cholesterol-lowering Drugs Biased – Not Based on Scientific Evidence

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'A group of independent medical academics challenged a recently published BMJ (British Medical Journal) 20 year follow-up study that claimed favorable results among those using statins as a preventative measure. It was known as the West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study (WOSCOPS), the first trial attempting to demonstrate a significant reduction in cardiovascular events with statin therapy for primary prevention.

The critical report challenging the BMJ’s statin-promotion based on the WOSCOPS study was published recently, October of 2017. The challenging trio of medical scientists, led by independent researcher Uffe Ravnskov MD, PhD, author of The Cholesterol Myth and Fat and Cholesterol are Good for You, parsed and picked at the study to show it is flawed.'


What Is Your Greatest Cancer Risk?

'The outcomes that I have achieved in my practice since incorporating his teachings have lead me to spend most of my spare time writing up case reports for the peer-reviewed primary medical literature. Because these cases defy the orthodoxy. They demonstrate that disease labels can be shed. That symptoms can transform. And that vitality can be reclaimed.

Through this lens, illness is more than just bad luck, bad genes, and something to “survive”. Illness, even grave and disabling illness is an invitation to your next chapter in life.'


How Tart Cherry Juice Increases The Quality Of Your Sleep Time

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'Along with providing the fruit's bright red color, the antioxidant compounds in tart cherries -- called anthocyanins -- have been specifically linked to high antioxidant capacity and reduced inflammation, at levels comparable to some well-known pain medications. 

Tart cherry juice was found to help extend sleep time by 84 minutes among study participants according to a new pilot study published in American Journal of Therapeutics.'


‘The Reality of Truth’ — The Psychedelic Experience and Its Potential for Healing

" The featured film, "The Reality of Truth,"3 explores how psychotropic drugs can enhance your understanding of reality, thereby freeing you up to be happy, regardless of outward circumstances. Deepak Chopra opens up the conversation noting that the human brain has specific receptors for psychoactive substances such as psilocybin, and the fact that we have them is a clear indication that we are part of their nature, and these plants are part of ours.

In other words, psychotropic plants appear to have a role to play in the human experience. But what is that role? Psychotropic plants are well-known for their ability to induce dramatically altered states of consciousness. Many of these altered states correlate to religious or spiritual experiences, and such experiences, Chopra says, is part of being a whole human being."


Study: Black Seed Oil Helps Parkinson’s – Can be Used for Anti-depressant and Anti-anxiety Treatment

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'A recently studied virtue of black cumin oil is its positive effects on neurological and psychiatric systems. A meta-study of several studies analyzing black cumin for several neurological applications includes “… the pharmacological actions and the therapeutic potential pertaining to the central nervous system, particularly effects on psychiatric and neurological dysfunctions, …”

The meta study, Neuropsychiatric Effects of Nigella sativa (Black Seed) A Review was published in the journal Alternative and Integrative Medicine. It reviews in detail studies from international sources where researchers have observed positive results from black cumin seed.'


Coenzyme Q10 may Be Viable Solution for Many Diabetics

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'Coenzyme Q10 has long been known for its antiaging properties, especially in the cases of energy production and cardiovascular health. Now, it seems as though we have another use for this not-quite-a-vitamin – the prevention and mitigation of diabetes.

One little-publicized cause of diabetes may be the use of statins, marketed as “prevention” for cardiovascular events. Some statins, such as rosuvastatin, are linked with a 27% higher risk of type II diabetes! 

Two meta-analyses also found an elevated risk of diabetes, one with a 9% higher risk, and the other showing a 12% higher risk. This disproportionately affects the elderly, who are most likely to be prescribed statins.'


Ashwagandha Root Supports Thyroid Hormone Levels

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'Ashwagandha has many beneficial elements, including flavonoids and members of the withanolide class. Numerous modern studies have found that ashwagandha shows great promise for being effective in reducing inflammation, decreasing stress, increasing mental activity, invigorating the body, and as an antioxidant. It is even known to relieve arthritis better than medication.'


Dr. Brownstein: New Shingrix Vaccine for Shingles Fails 97% of Time

Shingrix vaccine syringe
Photo  Credit: https://healthimpactnews.com

'If President Trump wants to truly drain the swamp, let’s start by getting rid of vaccines that fail nearly all who take them. The shingles vaccines should be first on the list of therapies that should be outlawed.

Yes, shingles is a horrible illness. I had it a year ago. A great treatment for shingles is ozone injections into the nerve root where shingles is occurring. It works nearly every time if it is done within a few days of the onset of the illness. Also, taking vitamin C (5-10,000mg/day) and L-lysine (1,000mg three times per day) helps.

Folks, I did not even get into the safety of Shingrix here as this blog post is too long. This vaccine contains polysorbate 80 which is a substance that has been linked to anaphylactic reactions and has been shown to cause infertility in mammals as well as hormonal changes in rats. Polysorbate 80 should not be injected into any living being.'


Is Most Back Pain Caused by Repressed Emotions?

'According to Sarno, you unconsciously cause your own pain. In a nutshell, the pain you're experiencing is your brain's response to unaddressed stress, anger or fear. 

When these kinds of emotions are suppressed, your brain redirects the emotional impulses to restrict blood flow to certain parts of your body, such as your back, neck or shoulder, thereby triggering pain.

This pain acts as a distraction from the anger, fear or rage you don't want to feel or think about. The pain essentially acts as a lid, keeping unwanted emotions from erupting.' 


Natural Approaches for Preventing & Treating Cancer in Dogs and Cats

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'Cats and dogs develop cancer at nearly the same rate as humans. There are roughly 12 million new cases of the disease between the two species every single year in the U.S. Yet many pet owners fail to consider cancer prevention in the same precautionary terms for their cuddly companions as they do for themselves and other loved ones.

Proper diet, clean water, supplementation, and regular exercise are now widely recognized as vital components of a well-rounded, cancer-preventative lifestyle for people. But how many pet owners know how to engage the same standards for their pets?'


Everything You Need to Know About Ketosis

Photo Credit:https://www.bodybuilding.com

'Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body uses fat, rather than sugar, for energy. Your body shifts into ketosis when your blood sugar is low, and the glycogen in your muscles has been depleted. 

Typically, this happens when you eat a low carb diet or fast from food altogether for a prolonged period. Ketosis is usually heralded as a fast and effective way to lose body fat. Research suggests that ketosis may positively affect health in other ways, as well.'

The Life-Saving Properties of Garlic Revealed

Photo Credit: Pinterest

'Research on garlic indicates that it may provide an ideal low-cost and safe alternative to drugs and vaccines in reducing the three most common causes of death in the world.

In a world mesmerized by the false promises of pharmaceutical industry marketing copy, as well as inundated with aggressively marketed dietary supplements, many of which are manufactured by the same companies making a killing off patented chemicals (Bayer owns One A Day, Pfizer owns Centrum), it is reassuring to know that the kitchen pantry will never fail us...'

Discover Why Ashwagandha Can Be Used for Stress and Anxiety

Photo Credit:https://www.organicfacts.net

'The ashwagandha plant comes from the Solanaceae family, the same as tomatoes and eggplants. It's a small shrub with distinct red berries and five-petal flowers. However, the most important part of the plant is the root because it's where the powder used for tonics and tinctures is extracted from. 

But what is ashwagandha good or used for? Besides helping your body function better, it can impact your immune system, your ability to deal with stress and your cognitive responses as well.'


Essiac tea is simple inexpensive alternative cancer treatment

Photo Credit:https://d2v4vjmuxdiocn.cloudfront.net

(Health Secrets) Essiac tea can heal cancer all by itself. It was introduced in Canada during the early 1920’s, and for over 50 years, a humble nurse, Rene Caisse (pronounced Reen Case), used the tea successfully with many terminal cancer patients from her clinic in the tiny Canadian village of Bracebridge, north of Toronto.

At first, she accepted whatever anyone could easily afford, even eggs and produce, for her services. She turned no one down. After 1937, she charged no fees! She didn’t make money off the tea though she successfully treated many hundreds. Instead, her rewards were harassment by the Canadian Health Ministry, and betrayal by a private corporation she had hoped would help make Essiac tea available to all."


Eating This One Food Strengthens Beneficial Brainwave Frequencies

Photo Credit: http://www.besthealthmag.ca

'A new study by researchers at Loma Linda University Health has found that eating nuts on a regular basis strengthens brainwave frequencies associated with cognition, healing, learning, memory and other key brain functions.'


Medical Doctor: Blood of Every Vaccine Injured or Killed Child on Hands of Murder-by-Vaccine Pediatricians

James C. Meehan MD
photo source  Dr. James Meehan, MD

I have ZERO RESPECT for vaccine profiteers that are so financially biased, confirmation biased, indoctrinated, and willfully ignorant of the evidence that clearly shows vaccines cause injury, disease and REGRESSIVE AUTISM, that they aggressively lobby lawmakers to make vaccines mandatory, and deny parents the essential knowledge about the risks of toxic ingredients injected into their babies.

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Black Tea Linked To Weight Loss By Changing Gut Bacteria

Photo Credit:https://selfproclaimedfoodie.com

'While the benefits of green tea polyphenols have long been touted, new research suggests that those found in black tea may also aid weight loss by acting as a prebiotic. While green tea usually loses its flavor within a year, black tea retains its stronger flavour for several years. Black tea undergoes full oxidation and fermentation.'